Remember "Jesus is the Reason for the Season". Wishing all of my family and friends a very happy Christmas.
Will be posting more wonderful quilts by "Granny Bea" in the new year.

Updating Site

I am going to move all my sewing blogs that I am following to this site from my painting blog. So hope I don't confuse anyone.
Thanks, Sally

Glory in the Flower

Glory is up. Working on colors. So very happy. Thank you Samiz.

New Website

"Glory in the Flower" Website is a work in progress. Web guru is working hard to put it together. Sally

Road Trip

Ervie says she is having a great time. Sally is loving the trees, Ervie not so much. Planning to head back on Sat. Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious day. Love to all. GrannySCK and ErvieLee.

Hot Flash Central

Hot Flash Central

If you enjoy Maxine, get them while they are hot!!

Follow up on 09.09.2009

ERVIE says:  Kauai is a lovely island dear, it will survive the lost of Gay-Robinson's sugar plantation. G-R will become "fuel" barons with the production of ethanol--if only they could get the price they want. Now if you want to talk about Chickens--

Ok, so I missed the whole Japanese-War-thing. I lived it. Still want to talk about the Chickens!!!